N021 X Forwarding

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Here are the steps you should take to make sure your X Forwarding works on thin clients in the N021 lab.

  1. First, note the number on the left side of the sunray thin client. It is attached to the underside of the desk. It should be a number between 1 and 40 on a white sticker. This number is also on the back side of the monitor. The important thing is that each session must use a unique number. For the images below I will be using 19.
  2. Go to Start > All Programs > Xming and run XLaunch as shown below.
    X11forwarding 1.png
  3. In the first screen of the XLaunch wizard use the number you found on the side of the thin client and use it as the Display number, then click Next through the rest of the wizard and finally Finish. You shouldn't need to change any other settings.
    X11forwarding 2.png
  4. You should notice an X icon appear in the system tray.
    X11forwarding 3.png
  5. Next open up PuTTY to connect via SSH. Start > All Programs > PuTTY > PuTTY
    X11forwarding 4.png
  6. Type cislinux into the Host Name field.
    X11forwarding 5.png
  7. Then using the tree to the left go to SSH > X11 and check the Enable X11 forwarding box. For the X display location, first type a : and then the number from the side of the thin client. It should look similar to the image below.
    X11forwarding 6.png
  8. Click open. You may have to accept a certificate, if that is the case, just click Yes and then login with your CIS username and password. You can run xclock to test as shown below
    X11forwarding 7.png

If you find any of this unclear or have any problems getting this to work, email help@cis.ksu.edu or talk to support staff in Engineering Hall 2217 or 2218.