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Using Lecture rooms

 Using computer
   If the display is off tap on the screen on the tablet that is on the desk to wake it up.
   You will need to login on to the computer using your CS account credentials. Once logged in you will have access to all the files that are in you CS home directory.
 Using the projector
   On the tablet press the home button if not on the home screen. Once on the home screen press the mute button to unmute the projector.
   The projector screen needs to be manually pulled down for use in 1117.

Recording device -In each of the CIS class rooms we have recording devices so our teachers may record classes.

Using the tablet -Tap the screen and it will turn on -Make sure at least one microphone is on, or no sound will be recorded


 -Click computer, it should be the default
 -You can change the volume of source with the buttons on the left side of the home screen. You may also change the volume of the mic and source on the volume specific page.
 -In the camera control we have 4 presets although there is none set for the 4th (currently). The first one gives you the entire front part of the room. Then the second preset moves the camera so its focused on the instructer potem, then the third preset stays focused on the potem, but zooms in so you can only see the potem and instructer.
 -On the recorder page, you can see the button to press record (silver circle), then you can see elaspe time of the current record, and how much space. Then you have pause and stop for the recording
 -On the left side of the recorder page, you decide the layout of the screen.
 -Power page shows you what the projector is doing. (off/cooling down/powering on/on)


 -For an outside sorce you just need to select laptop
 -And it will switch the source over and record you and that

Hit the power button the tablet

When wanting to turn through the tablet just hit "yes, power off room"