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Setting up an irssi Proxy

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, creating a internet chat with out the need for an account. This is an addtional way to contact the CIS Admins for a help, you will probably also need to submit a ticket into

To set up an irssi proxy, you'll need to load irssi in a screen and do the following:

  1. Type screen -U this will keep the irssi seesion open.
  2. Start irssi by typing irssi
  3. Connect to type /Connect
  4. At this time you can load the irssi proxy module by typing /load proxy
  5. Now join a chatroom by typing /join #ksucis
  6. When you a finished you can idle irssi with "Ctrl + a" then "d" this will detach srcreen and idle irssi
  7. To Reattach screen with screen -rAad

Edit the Config file of irssi for auto login

  1. nano .irssi/config
  2. Add the following line to the servers block
    { address = ""; chatnet = "freenode"; port = "6667"; autoconnect = "yes";}
  3. Add the following lines to the channels block
    { name = "#ksucis"; chatnet = "freenode"; autojoin = "yes"; },
  4. restart irssi