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CS does not provide email services for users. All students, faculty, and staff should use their KSU email for school business.

For information on how to configure your email program on your own PC or laptop, please see the [iTAC] web site on email [settings].

iTAC is responsible for primary support of email services. As such, we may refer you to them for some requests or can handle help requests as an intermediary. However, for many email requests, you may get faster and better help from iTAC than from the CS support staff. They are more familiar with those systems than we are.

Text-Based Email Access

We provide support within CS for two text-based email clients: Pine and Mutt. You will need to first connect to a Unix machine via SSH to do this. See Remote Access for details on how to do this.

Once connected, you will need to start a mail program. To run the email program type `pine` or `mutt` at the command prompt.

  • Pine: If you are new to Unix, we recommend Pine as it gives better cues on use with a list of shortcuts on the bottom. Pine is also supported by CNS (and available on CNS systems), which may be more familiar to many users.
  • Mutt: We provide Mutt support as it is the choice of some of our Unix veterans.

Outgoing Mail Settings

You should use the outgoing mail settings provided on the ITS support page.

Forwarding Email

If you want to forward your email, you will need to edit the eProfile for your eID.