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Resource Overview

CS Classrooms are DUE1114, DUE1116, and DUE1117. All classrooms are equipped with integrated Crestron Audio/Visual management systems to make it easy to change display sources for projection and audio sources for the classroom sound system, as well as recording capability to capture the selected inputs for distribution outside of the classroom. All of this equipment is contained within and managed from the instructor's podium in each classroom. The instructor can control the entire system from the control console on top of the podium.

Basic Podium Use

What you see on the podium monitor is generally what students see on the projection screen. When you run a presentation from Powerpoint, you may use the podium monitor as a second monitor for presentation mode, unless you choose to mirror your displays. The tablet on the podium is the controller for the system. All management is done from this tablet.

Turning on the system

If the display is off, tap the tablet screen once to wake it up, then again to turn the system on.

In DUE1114, the projector screen is motorized and will roll down when the system is turned on. In DUE1116 and DUE1117, you will need to manually pull down the screen if you want to use it.

Podium Computers

Each podium also contains a computer to provide the instructor the same experience as the computers in the lab. If the computer is not powered on, you may access it by opening the podium cabinet to do so. You will need to login on to the computer using your CS account credentials. In DUE1114, choose an appropriate desktop session and login to it. Once logged in you will have access to all the files that are in you CS home directory.

Selecting a Source

When wanting to record a lecture or presentation you have to select what you want recorded, either your laptop or on the podium computer.

Projector Management

If you don't see any video on the projector after turning on the system, it may be because the projector is muted. To unmute it, press the home button on the tablet if not already there. Once on the home screen, press the mute button to unmute the projector. The mute button should be black when not muted, and blue when muted.

Camera Control

There is a pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera located at the back of the classroom. It is generally pointed at the front of the room, but can be manipulated to point nearly anywhere in the room.

On the camera control screen on the tablet, we have up to 4 preset positions (only 3 are currently set) for the camera.

The first one gives you the entire front part of the room. Then the second preset moves the camera so its focused on the instructor podium, then the third preset stays focused on the podium, but zooms in so you can only see the podium and instructor.

Shutting Down the System

Please shut down the system when you are done so we can conserve the life of the projector lamp.

Tap the power button the tablet, then the button labelled "Yes, power off room"


When you record a session, the video captured will be whatever is displayed on the projector and/or podium display. The audio captured will be either from the podium computer or laptop, whichever is currently being displayed, and any microphones that are turned on and not muted at the time.

Audio Capture

You can change the volume of the main source with the buttons on the left side of the home screen. You can also change the volume of the mic and source on the volume screen.

Each classroom is equipped with three microphones:

  • wired stick microphone on the podium
  • wireless clip-on lavalier microphone
  • wireless hand-held microphone

Both wireless microphones are charged from their stand in or on the podium and should be returned there after every use.

Important Note: Make sure at least one microphone is on, or no sound will be recorded.

There are no microphones pointed at the classroom to pick up student voices. Instructors that wish to record audience input can either pass around the hand-held mic, or should repeat questions or statements so their own mic can pick them up.

Hand-held Microphone

The power switch for the hand-held mic is in its handle.

Turn it on when using it and turn it off and return it to the charging stand when done. This mic works best if the speaker holds it pointed directly at their mouth (like a rock singer) about six inches or so away from their face.

Lavalier Microphone

The power switch for the lavalier or clip-on mic is on its body-pack.

Turn it on when using it and turn it off and return it to the charging stand when done. Clip the mic mid-way on your shirt near your chest or on collar for best results. The body pack may be clipped anywhere on your belt or a pocket within reach of the cord.

Podium Microphone

The stick mic is wired (not wireless) and so not mobile, but can be moved anywhere on the podium. The power switch is the only button on the base of the mic.

There is a blue LED on the mic base. If the mic is on, the light is on. If the light is off, the mic is not on. This mic does a pretty good job of picking up sound, so long as it is generally pointed towards your face and you are talking in its direction.

Recording a Lecture

In rooms 1114, 1116, and 1117 we can record presentations and lectures using the hardware and software built into the podiums

Save Video

You must have a USB stick plug into the podium that has the label 'RECORDER' above it. This will automatically save it to the USB stick. (We recommend a USB stick of size 16GB or more for videos longer than an 30 minutes)

Recording Page

When wanting to start recording you must navigate to the recording page, which has the controls to start and stop recording. To get to this page, tap the icon of a silver circle labelled Recorder underneath it.

Recording View


The views you can select are Camera, Content, Side By Side, PBP Upper Left, PBP Upper Right

What you see is what you get

Start/Stop Recording

Now that we have select which source we want, and have navigated to the recorder page, we can start recording.

We do this by clicking the record button on the page, which will light up red when recording. You will see the available memory space decrease and the duration increase. These increments happen between 3-5 seconds. Be Patient. To stop the recording, press the stop button, which will then light up blue. Wait a few seconds for the files to finish writing to your USB drive, and then you can remove it.

How to Retrieve Video

When finished recording, your video will be saved on your USB flash drive in a folder named with the room number, date, and a time stamp. For example:


Then inside this folder the File will be saved as a MP4 file


A new folder and video will be created every time you make a new recording.

If you do not bring a USB flash drive to save your recording, it will also be saved to a disk in the recorder itself. Disk space is limited on the recorder and will be cleared regularly. We cannot guarantee that you will always be able to retrieve video files saved to the recorder.